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WATCH: CNN Panel Mocks Sidney Powell For Invoking “The Tucker Carlson Defense”

WATCH: CNN Panel Mocks Sidney Powell For Invoking “The Tucker Carlson Defense”

Trump says he isn't going to lead a third party. Sidney Powell is pushing it anyway.

In a group that featured Rudy Giuliani and Jenna Ellis, Sidney Powell somehow came off as the kookiest member of Donald Trump’s legal team. And thanks to her wild claims, she was slapped with a billion dollar lawsuit from Dominion voting systems.

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And yesterday, Powell revealed that she will be incorporating an interesting defense. No reasonable person, she argued, would have believed her claims. During a Tuesday segment on CNN, John Berman asked legal expert Elie Honig what he thought of the defense.

Honig replied by saying, “It’s official, Sidney Powell is a massive fraud, that’s according to Sidney Powell herself. Similarly, the whole election fraud narrative, that too, is a complete fiction. That also according to Sidney Powell.

Honig continued to rip Powell’s claims, “It’s the opposite of a defense. Because the two things Dominion has to prove here in order to win its lawsuit are: One, the statements were false; and two, that the person who made the false statements knew they were false. Sidney Powell has now essentially come out and admitted both of those things.”

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Berman than connected the Powell argument to one made by Fox lawyers “There was something to this defense that rang familiar to some people,” he said. “Call it the Fox News defense. This is an argument that Fox News, Fox lawyers have argued. This an an argument that Fox lawyers have said in defense of some of the things Tucker Carlson has said. ‘Would a reasonable viewer be coming here thinking this is where I’m going to hear the news of the day? It’s Tucker Carlson, it’s a commentary show.'”

Watch a clip of the segment below:

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