WATCH: CNN Host Takes Down GOP Strategist Who Tried to Defend Georgia Voting Laws

Georgia was certainly the most consequential state during the 2020 election season. Joe Biden was able to flip the state blue on his way to the White House. And in January, Democrats gained control of the senate when Raphael Warnock and Jon Ossoff were won Georgia seats.

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And African American voters were an extremely important part to Democratic success. But rather than trying to win black votes, Georgia Republicans have decided to enact laws that would suppress them. GOP strategist Alice Stewart attempted to defend the laws on Saturday morning. CNN’s Victor Blackwell, though, was more than ready to knock back her arguments.

Stewart told the host, “There was no widespread voter fraud in Georgia — there was none whatsoever. But there were areas that needed to be addressed and that’s exactly what the lawmakers are doing. As for handing out water, election workers can hand out water while voters are in line.”

Blackwell countered, “Why make it illegal for volunteers to come up and give people water.” After Stewart responded that election officials could give water, the host continued:

“Alice, they’re running the election. So they have jobs, right? People were volunteering just to help people who were standing in line. Let’s remember where people are standing in line, in Gwinnett, in DeKalb, in Fulton where there are a majority of black voters, a concentration of voters who put Presidencountriesn the White House, the eight-hour lines are not often in the other 156 counties in this state. To give somebody water, you make that a crime?”

Watch a clip of the segment below, courtesy of CNN:



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