WATCH: CNN Host Explains to Dr. Phil How Prosecutions Work in the United States

Dr. Phil McGraw, a moralizing psychologist, has had his own show on television for many years. Over the past few years, though, he has emerged as a supporter of Donald Trump, acting as a surrogate for the former President. 

McGraw recently interviewed Trump about various topics and appeared on Thursday night to discuss the former President with CNN's Abby Philip. The doctor, though, did not seem to have much of a grasp on how criminal trials work in the United States. 

He remarked, "I'm sympathetic to what Trump has gone through in this particular trial because I think it was not proper due process for him. I would say the same thing a bit was [President Joe] Biden or anyone else in that process."

The host asked him for examples of how Trump didn't receive due process and McGraw answered, "I think you don't have someone (Michael Cohen) that is considered to be an accomplice in a crime that has pled out or made a non-prosecution agreement and allow that information into the jury's awareness because it's very prejudicial and is not really probative of anything that they're asked to be problem-solving."

Philip responded that it is not, "uncommon at all for people who are accomplices to crimes, people who have taken plea deals, non-prosecution — that is not uncommon at all for for those people to then testify in subsequent trials for their alleged co-conspirators," adding, "It happens in mob cases all the time."