WATCH: CNN Host Calls Out Doug Burgam's Donald Trump Hypocrisy

There were several candidates looking to take on Donald Trump in the Republican race for the nomination. Most of those candidates are gone now and the only ones with any semblance of a shot are Nikki Haley and Ron DeSantis. 

Doug Burgam, the billionaire Governor from North Dakota presented himself as a more moderate option for Conservatives. But just this week, the lawmaker noted that he would be supporting Trump’s bid for the Presidency. 

This a strange endorsement as Burgum had said just a few months ago that he would never do business with Trump because "you’re judged by the company you keep."

The North Dakota lawmaker attempted to explain his new support for Trump, saying, "it's a binary choice. Donald Trump is going the win the Republican nomination."

Host Phil Mattingly countered, "Governor, which primary are you watching? There are four, five, maybe six Republican candidates. In what world is this a binary choice at this point in time with other candidates still in the race?"

Burgum, of course, could not answer the host's question honestly. Instead, he pivoted to insulting Joe Biden. Mattingly also asked Burgum is he would be running for governor again. The host noted that having Trump's support would be helpful in the endeavor.