WATCH: CNN Host Berman Explains New 'Test' RNC is Conducting With Candidates

The job of the Republican National Committee is elect every Republican candidate that it possibly can. The organization wants to win the White House, of course, but it also wants to win all the races across the country. 

The RNC is now in the hands of Donald Trump and being run by his daughter-in-law Lara. And it has been made known that the main focus will be Trump and anyone else will have to take a back seat. 

On CNN this morning John Berman asked, "Now the Trump loyalists and the Trump family have taken over the party apparatus, they're asking would-be staffers, do you think the 2020 election was stolen? Of course, it wasn't. So why are they asking this? ... what's going on here?

Reporter Alayna Treene responded, "Over the past few weeks, Trump advisers have been asking current and potential employees at the RNC what their views are of fraud surrounding the 2020 election and, essentially, was the election stolen, and that's according to sources familiar with the interview questions. They viewed it as an apparent litmus test for potentially being hired, and some of these people also described it as unusual for a job interview question."