WATCH: CNN Grills Elise Stefanik About Past Trump Criticisms

When Donald Trump first broke onto the political scene, Elise Stefanik wasn't a fan. The New York Congresswoman was seen as one of the more moderate members of the House of Representatives. And that meant she frequently criticized then-Republican nominee hopeful Trump. 

It didn't take long for Stefanik to realize that Republicans who weren't behind Trump didn't have a future. Since then, she has been one of the former President's most ardent supporters. 

When Stefanik appeared on CNN Thursday night, host Erin Burnett referred to comments the Rep. made in the past, including, "I think he has been insulting to women. I disagree with Mr. Trump’s rhetoric towards women. I disagree with his belief that we should have a religious test for immigrants to this country. I don’t think that’s who we are. That’s not according to our constitutional principles."

Stefanik responded:

"Well, I’ve seen the positive success, and the reality, Erin is, is I was the only elected Republican woman from the northeast who voted for President Trump. I was smeared by Democrats for doing so. And I’ve been proud to be one of his top allies. I hosted in my district in my second term in office. He signed the national defense bill. I’m proud to be the first member to endorse his reelection. We saw the success and it’s the most successful president in my lifetime in terms of growing the economy, promoting American manufacturing, rebuilding the nation’s military."