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[WATCH] CNN Anchor Brianna Keilar Demands Media Stop Tolerating Trump’s BS

[WATCH] CNN Anchor Brianna Keilar Demands Media Stop Tolerating Trump’s BS

Image Credit: Raw Story/YouTube

With fewer than 95 days until the 2020 presidential election, Donald Trump and his surrogates have been increasingly peddling the conspiracy theory that mail-in voting opens the door to widespread voter fraud.

A quick fact-check confirms the extraordinary rarity of voter fraud in US elections.

But on Tuesday night, CNN anchor Brianna Keilar reached her breaking point after a Trump campaign stooge parrotted nonsense over the dangers of mail-in voting. Trump himself, it should be noted, votes by mail.

Kielar reminded Americans that the media exists to demand truth from power, and that Americans must not tolerate Trump’s cheap propaganda.

“There have been more than 156,000 deaths in America from the coronavirus,” said Keilar, noting that statistically, dying from COVID-19 is “2,000 more likely to occur than a case of voter fraud in any type of election.”

Keilar then addressed why, despite constant criticism from the public, media outlets invite knowingly dishonest Trump henchman to lie on camera:

“[Trump] is the sitting president running for reelection. He is one of two people who voters will choose to run the country,” Keilar explained. “We have to challenge lies, we have to challenge falsehoods and conspiracy theories — if you don’t, they fester unchecked and unchallenged. You cannot just ignore BS, you’ve got to shovel it.”

Watch the clip below, courtesy of Raw Story

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