[Watch] “Classical Liberal” Dave Rubin Says He Is Voting for Trump to Save Capitalism

Dave Rubin who says he is a former progressive turned classical liberal says he is voting to reelect Donald Trump in order to “protect freedom and capitalism. Rubin has become a darling of the conservative movement by claiming to be a liberal who criticizes the left. He is often criticized as a conservative who will not call himself one. Many on the right find it great that Rubin still calls himself a liberal while blasting the left and is often lauded by the likes of Dennis Prager.

Rubin talked about his desire to save capitalism during a broadcast of his show on Glenn Beck’s BlazeTV while he was interviewing Michael Knowles of the Daily Wire. Knowles asked Rubin to describe a future sane world. Rubin said, “If we’re trying to get a roadmap to some sanity in the future, well, I think Trump has to win. I’ve been thinking about this a lot. It’s like, you know, every election now, ‘This is the most important election ever. It’s never been more important, you know, our values.’​ Ugh. This time it’s like, man, if he doesn’t win, anything that we remember about America—and I don’t say this as some rah-rah Trump guy—they’re here to ruin, to wreck​ the entire thing. They’re here. It’s here. The ship has arrived on the shore. Do we want to just sit there and watch as they burn our houses down​, or do we want to do something?”

Rubin continued, “Trump has to win. Now, not that that will stop this because it will then cause it to freak out even more. So, I think we’re in for four more years​, crazy years​, for sure. The only way we’re in for four more crazy years that at least continue freedom and capitalism is through Trump.

Rubin added,  “I think 2024​—even though nobody wants to hear the word 2024, right​—I think that’s where this thing really gets reset. I think if Trump wins again​, we’ll have had eight years of Trump. People will be exhausted by it​, but we’ll have survived the intersectional​, collectivist lunacy. Then, you know what happens? You’re going to get a crop of Republicans like ​Dan Crenshaw and ​Tim Scott and maybe Candace Owens, maybe Ben Shapiro, maybe Michael Knowles, maybe Nikki Haley … you will get a crop of truly intellectually diverse people who care, know about America.”

Rubin concluded by explaining that he was casting a vote for Trump. He said, “I am voting for Trump,” he said. “I just literally can’t see a way around it. It just is what it is.”

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