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WATCH: Claire McCaskill Explains Why the Insurrection Was Worse Than Benghazi

WATCH: Claire McCaskill Explains Why the Insurrection Was Worse Than Benghazi

Today marks the 6 month anniversary of a dark moment in American history, the insurrection on the nation’s Capitol. Following the event, Republicans said all the right things. The protesters were law breakers and it was important to get to the bottom of the case.

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But then, when they had the opportunity, GOP senators voted against a commission because they knew it would hurt them political. This was in stark contrast to their constant demand for Banghazi investigations during the Obama administration. Claire McCaskill called them out on this hypocrisy during a Tuesday appearance on Morning Joe.

McCaskill told Joe Scarborough, “I have one word: Benghazi. Benghazi had, in the House alone, six investigations, including a select committee. And it was — if you compare and contrast, I don’t want to minimize the loss of life in Benghazi or the problems around the security of those locations. I don’t want to minimize that. But let’s compare and contrast those two events and which is more foundation-shaking to our democracy.”

The former Missouri senator continued:

“I mean, the fact that the heart of our government was attacked and that these people were beating police officers — Americans were beating police officers at the heart of our government trying to protect the members — elected members of our democracy that carry out the functions of that democracy, it is astounding to me that these same people who pounded the podium for years on Benghazi, for years on Benghazi, are saying now saying, ‘What?! No. We don’t need to look at this. Let’s move along.”

Watch a clip of the segment below:


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