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WATCH: Chuck Todd Wonders if a Commission Should be Called to Investigate COVID Response

WATCH: Chuck Todd Wonders if a Commission Should be Called to Investigate COVID Response

The United States response to the COVID-19 virus has been pathetic. At this point, an average of 3,000 Americans are dying on a daily basis. And the president doesn’t seem to care. Since he lost the election to Joe Biden, Donald Trump has essentially abdicated his responsibilities as Commander in Chief.

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Obviously, Donald Trump has done next to nothing to prevent the spread of the coronavirus. But have the president’s action been criminal. That was the question that Chuck Todd asked his panel during a Sunday episode of Meet the Press.

Todd asked his guests, “After September 11th, the government created a commission to study what went wrong. Is it time to establish a 9/11-like commission to study how significant parts of our government missed this, chose to dismiss the obvious danger, making it impossible for health officials to do their jobs?”

Utah Republican Mitt Romney replied, “I’m not sure whether it’s a commission or not but we certainly need to study what we could have done better, and prepare for the next pandemic because there will be another one.”

White House correspondent Yamiche Alcindor opined:

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“It’s very hard to have a truth and reconciliation commission when Americans can’t agree on the truth. Rudy Giuliani told you truth isn’t truth. It is the thing that defined the Trump administration and this era, that there is — they wanted to completely create a new version of the truth and so many Americans — more than 75 million of them — went along with that for President Trump. I’m not sure if we can get to a place where Americans can sit down and say, ‘Let’s talk about our differences,’ when we can’t even agree on the facts.”


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