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WATCH: Chuck Todd Tells John Kennedy “Don’t Gaslight Us” During Contentious Interview

WATCH: Chuck Todd Tells John Kennedy “Don’t Gaslight Us” During Contentious Interview

Tuesday, September 24th was one of the most impactful days of the Trump presidency. Not only did the Senate vote 100-0 to give Democrats access to the whistle blower accounts, but Nancy Pelosi also announced that Congress will begin an impeachment inquiry into the President.

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Trump surrogates and GOP lawmakers were quick to hit cable news and argue that Trump’s alleged actions were overblown. Louisiana Senator John Kennedy attempted to defend the President during an interview with MSNBC’s Chuck Todd. The talk grew contentious and ended Todd telling Kennedy not to gaslight the country.

Todd argued that if there were serious allegations against Hunter Biden, they should be investigated by the FBI. Kennedy replied that the bureau could be investigation and the general public doesn’t know about it.

The host remained skeptical about Kennedy’s claims. “Maybe you’re right, maybe there’s magical missing information here,” said Todd. “But at some point, do you not accept all of these entities looking into it to have found the answer?”

An angry Kennedy responded, “You’re wrong, this hasn’t been investigated! Just because you think that the — I’m not alleging the vice president did anything wrong. But I’m just telling you the American people are looking at this and going, ‘Okay, um, Mr. Biden…'”

Todd then hit back at Kennedy with some harsh criticism. The host told the Senator, “I am trying to be fair here. But you can’t gaslight us, sir. Don’t gaslight us!”

You can watch a clip of the interview here courtesy of MSNBC:



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