WATCH: Chuck Todd and John Boehner Join Forces to Lower Sunday TV News Bar

If it’s Sunday, you can count on Chuck Todd and “Meet the Press” trending for all of the wrong reasons. The respected news show once hosted by the inimitable Tim Russert is now a platform for Todd’s weak attempts to Republicanize MSNBC’s Sunday morning lineup. As a result, it’s become a weekly Twitter tradition to drag Todd, who usually welcomes current or former Trump sycophants as well as other dubious characters from the not-so-Grand Old Party.

This week, Todd traded barbs with former Speaker of the House John Boehner, who’s been making the TV rounds to plug his brand-new book, “On the House: A Washington Memoir,” which probably will enjoy the same sort of sales as the other members of the GOP who’ve managed to get book deals despite their dubious public voting records. Boehner may have scored some Twitter points when outtakes from his audiobook recording sessions were leaked, revealing a tipsy Boehner ranting about his hated former colleague Ted Cruz, but he’s not exactly beloved by the masses.

Boehner spoke candidly about the difficulties he faced within his own party after Trump was inaugurated and they slowly began to not only support him, but also emulate his behaviors and speech patterns. “I don’t think I could have done more” on “knucklehead caucus”, Boehner told Todd at one point.

Twitter’s response to the interview hit Boehner as equally as Todd.

Todd also took time to criticize the President and the pause on the Johnson & Johnson vaccine, because if he can push a talking point from the right that scares the left, he will.

Watch Chuck Todd and John Boehner phone it in, below.

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