WATCH: Chuck Grassley admits he doesn't want to pass bills that make Biden look good

Ostensibly, lawmakers are voted into office so that they can act in the best interests of their constituents. And Joe Biden made it a priority to attempt to work with Republicans to make life better for all Americans. 

The President is currently pushing a $78 billion tax bill that would help low-income families, small businesses, and areas hit by natural disasters. The bi-partisan bill has now passed through the House and will now move to the Senate. It might not have the support of Republican Chuck Grassley though. 

The Iowa Senator told reporters, "passing a tax bill that makes the president look good — mailing out checks before the election — means he could be re-elected, and then we won’t extend the 2017 tax cuts."

There is language in the bill that would prevent the White House from sending out checks prior to the election so that talking point isn't accurate. 

Grassley had also said on Wednesday, "There’s disagreement by some people on whether or not the bill upsets strategy for 2025 — extending the 2017 tax bill. And all these things are questions that are unanswered. And until something is through the House, I don’t think we’re going to pay too much attention to it."