[WATCH] Christians Will Be “Blessed Financially, IF They Vote Right” According To Kenneth Copeland

Prosperity Gospel preacher Kenneth Copeland had a message for his followers during a “virtual victory campaign” at his megachurch in Texas last weekend. He told his followers that God would financially bless Christians who voted with their Bible. Copeland is a major supporter of President Trump and serves as an evangelical advisor to him. Copeland claimed that people who voted,  “according to the leading of the Spirit of God” can expect to be “blessed financially.”

He also said, “This is the mightiest country on the face of the Earth, and it is extremely important that we vote and do it according to the leading of the Spirit of God. It’s very vital and very, very important. It’s important to your own financial welfare.”

Copeland added, “That ballot is your seed,” he continued. “You did what you believe was right, and God will treat you the entire time that that person is in office—whether it’s the governor, or the president, or a senator, or congressman, whomever it is … That ballot is your seed and God will treat you the same and you’ll be blessed financially, and you’ll be blessed in your body, and you can put a smile on your face and say, ‘Glory to God.’”

Trump has enjoyed great support by Evangelical Christians throughout his first term and it seems he will get that vote in November. The Evangelical faithful have proven to be very loyal to President Trump despite what some in the community call missteps. There is no doubt that Trump will need all of their help this November.


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