WATCH: Chris Wallace Takes Ronna McDaniel to Task Over Biden Claims

Donald Trump has been behind by a large margin for a number of months. The RNC did little to help his floundering campaign. His performance at the first debate backfired, leading to his national poll numbers getting worse. There was very little, at this point, Team Trump could do to close the gap.

Photo by Chip Somodevilla/Getty Images

Rudy Giuliani and the New York Post recently hoped to change things with an absurd story about Hunter Biden’s laptop. National media, though, failed to pick up the story and Twitter went as far as blocking it from being shared. RNC chair Ronna McDaniel appeared on Chris Wallace’s Fox show to promote the story on Sunday. But instead, she got grilled by the host who said she didn’t have any proof of her claims.

Wallace asked, “Do you have any proof — because he’s denied it — do you have any proof that Joe Biden every took one penny from either a foreign country or a foreign company?”

The RNC chair replied:

“I think that’s incumbent upon the press to start investigating. I think what’s frightening is we should have a free and fair press that should be looking at a laptop that has not been disputed by the Biden campaign to be authentic. These emails are deeply troubling as it looks like Hunter Biden is negotiating with a Chinese energy company to profit, not just for himself, but for his father.”

The host responded, “The FBI has had the hard drive since December. Why haven’t they come up with any evidence?”

Watch a video of the exchange below, courtesy of Fox News:


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