WATCH: Chris Wallace Panel Wonders if Trump is Using Ozempic

Donald Trump has never been able to control his impulses when he sees something that he wants. That extends to food too. The former President famously enjoys fast-food restaurants like Kentucky Friend Chicken and McDonalds. 

But lately, Trump has looked as if he lost some weight. The loss could be due to stress as the 45th President is fighting a variety of legal battles. But during a recent panel discussion on Chris Wallace's CNN show, some wondered if he might be getting some help. 

Lulu Garcia-Navarro from the New York Times, began, "This Easter weekend there was a very touching photo of former President Trump with two of his grandchildren, and he’s looking — if you see there — rather svelte."

The writer continued, "And that caught the eye, as you can imagine, of many on social media and elsewhere. And there has been a lot of chatter about whether he is on the big “O.” And by that, I mean, Ozempic, to the point where The New York Times, my employer, actually ended up writing to the campaign to formally ask them if he was on Ozempic."

Garcia-Navarro closed:

"And the reason I find this interesting is because Trump is larger than life. That is his brand. He’s a big guy, and this shrinks you. And, so it might be that he wants to be healthier. It might be that he wants to be more attractive on camera for the campaign. But it also might be that it could hurt him in the end because he just doesn’t seem as imposing, perhaps, if he does go on the Ozempic journey, which many of us have."