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WATCH: Chris Wallace Knocks Stephen Miller for Evading his Questions

WATCH: Chris Wallace Knocks Stephen Miller for Evading his Questions

Chris Wallace has earned a reputation as one of the more moderate hosts on the Fox News network. The journalist has no issue taking shots at Donald Trump if he feels the President is doing wrong. That makes an ideal counter to Trump surrogates who come in with pre-written talking points.

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Today, Wallace interviewed controversial Trump adviser Stephen Miller. The host was hard on Miller and repeatedly reprimanded him when the adviser attempted to evade questioning.

Miller first drew the ire of Wallace by claiming there was something fishy about the White House whistleblower. The adviser said, “I know the difference between a whistleblower and a deep state operative. This is a deep state operative, pure and simple. … This is about, do you want a democracy in this country or do you want a deep state?”

Wallace responded by saying that the whisteblower’s reputation had been vetted this week by acting Director of National Intelligence Joseph Maguire. He then told Miller, “But enough with the rhetoric. Let’s talk about some specific facts in this.”

The host then asked the adviser why Trump would have Giuliani run this operation rather the US Intelligence. Miller basically avoided the question. Wallace pressed, “How about answering my question? Stephen, I’m asking you a direct question. … If you don’t know, that’s an acceptable answer.”

Miller again hemmed and hawed and failed to answer the question. Wallace closed the segment by saying, “I’m simply asking you a question as to why the president didn’t use his government. You apparently aren’t going to answer that question.”

You can watch a video of the segment here, courtesy of Fox News:

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