WATCH: Chris Wallace Guest Mocks GOP Reps Who Are Dressing Like Trump

Donald Trump is facing severe legal problems in the state of New York. His wife may not be willing to show up and support him in his time of need, but there are plenty of MAGA congresspeople who have been there to support him and attack his enemies. 

Just the other day, nine GOP congresspeople went to support Trump instead of going to their day jobs. During a panel discussion, New York Times reporter Lulu Garcia-Navarro pointed out something interesting about their outfits. 

"I mean, Vivek Ramaswamy said a true thing here," she began, "which is, this is not the United States of America. Since when is it in the United States of America that people have to wear the Trump uniform in order to show fealty and loyalty? This reminds me of Saddam Hussein and the ‘good old days’ when you had the big mustache when they were sitting around the table —"

Republican talking head Kristen Soltis-Anderson balked at the idea and Garcia-Navarro continued, "But to be clear, the idea that you are having to dress up as this man in order to show how close you are to him, how much you care for him is embarrassing."

Soltis Anderson again objected, saying, "I’ve sat in a lot of rooms with a lot of Republican politicians that have looked just like that."