WATCH: Chris Hayes Torches Trump’s Cowardice After he Was Booed in Alabama

For all his bluster and bravado, Donald Trump is a deeply insecure man. When he was in office, he rarely visited any state or city where he may not be welcome. And after being booed in Washington DC during the World Series, he immediately went to a number of more friendly events like a key football game in Alabama.

Trump was again in Alabama over the last weekend. At one point during his speech, he meekly encouraged his supporters to get vaccinated. When he was booed, however, he quickly changed his tune.

Chris Hayes said of the moment during a Monday segment:

“You can see the panic in his eyes as he makes a hasty retreat. ‘You’ve got your freedoms!’ And you can hear him screwing up what tiny bit of courage he has before he enters the riff, knowing this is probably going to happen, looking as terrified as a nine-year-old on a high diving board trying to get himself to jump. This, Mr. Braggadocios, Mr. Donald Trump, everything is great, and bold, and beautiful, and I’m the best. And he’s terrified of what he’s going to say because Donald Trump fears that crowd. He knows some of them hate vaccines, and he fears they will reject even him, their Dear Leader, if he says the simple obvious truth, which is they should get vaccinated. And then, his worst fears are proven in that moment, and so he retreats like a coward.”

Watch a clip of the segment below, courtesy of MSNBC:

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