WATCH: Chris Hayes Rips 'GOP Weirdos' Who are Obsessed with Kelce and Swift

Conservatives were unhappy when the Kansas City Chiefs won the Super Bowl over the weekend. Travis Kelce, who has promoted both vaccines and Bud Light, is a star player for the team and is dating Taylor Swift. 

Swift, the most famous person in the world, endorsed Joe Biden in 2020 and could help him win office again in 2024. This prospect is terrifying for Republicans who hope to get Donald Trump back in office this year. Chris Hayes took on those slamming Kelce and Swift during his Wednesday night show. 

"Republicans approach each election with a kind of unbridled undeserved confidence," Hayes began. "They believe the voters are with them. They think they represent real Americans and therefore the real majority of the country."

Moving on the MSNBC host continued:

"Somehow, Republicans are threatened by the image of the towering, square-jawed, conventionally handsome star athlete kissing his blond, red-lipped, conventionally attractive pop star girlfriend. He's from Ohio, plays for Kansas City, she got her start in Nashville with country music. She's Miss Americana and he's the Heartbreak Prince. It's like a 1950s James Dean daydream."

The host closed, "They're quintessential Middle America, conservative-code as it gets, and Republicans have so alienated themselves from actual Middle America that this is a threat to them now. They can't hear it, though. They cannot learn from it. They cannot course correct. They keep attacking America's prom king and queen."