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[WATCH] Chris Hayes On the Trump Effort to Steal The Election: ‘They’re Going to Do It Again’

[WATCH] Chris Hayes On the Trump Effort to Steal The Election: ‘They’re Going to Do It Again’

By now, everyone is aware of the Big Lie that Donald Trump didn’t lose the election, mainly because it’s been a part of the news cycle essentially every day in the more than 220 days since Joe Biden and Kamala Harris were declared the winners. Trump’s loyal minions continue to aggressively push the Big Lie, to their own potential detriment, but it won’t stop them from continuing to attempt to influence the outcome of elections from now on.

While Republicans work hard on gerrymandering and suppressing voting rights, they’re also laying the groundwork to do the same thing in the 2022 midterms and 2024 Presidential elections: deny the outcomes if they don’t like them, and get their base to keep pushing to obfuscate any Democratic agendas.

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With Mitch McConnell declaring he’ll block any potential Supreme Court nominee from the Biden Administration, the obstruction is glaringly obvious and will continue to plague the President as he attempts to undo the damage done by the former guy.

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Chris Hayes opened his show on Tuesday by addressing the Big Lie and the continued attempts from the GOP to keep Trump’s name in the news as their de facto party leader. “It was not for lack of trying that Donald Trump did not steal the election,” Hayes began “The reason that the will of the American people was respected that we had a transition of power, albeit not a peaceful one, was because of a combination of a few islands of integrity officials and judges and folks like that, some dumb luck, and the incompetence of the faction attempting to sabotage American democracy.”

Watch the full segment, below.

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