WATCH: Chris Hayes Destroys Tucker Carlson for Peddling COVID Misinformation

Early on in March, a number of Fox News personalities were very skeptical about the dangers of COVID-19. The network has somewhat softened their stance since then and fired Trish Regan, who called the coronavirus an “impeachment scam.”

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One thing the network’s anchors haven’t stopped doing, though, is encouraging people to get back to work. During Tuesday night’s show, MSNBC’s Chris Hayes blasted Fox, and Tucker Carlson in particular, for telling people it’s ok to go out from the safety of their homes.

“There’s a concerted effort on the part of influential people at the cable network that we all call Trump TV right now to peddle dangerous misinformation about the coronavirus. Call it coronavirus trutherism,” Hayes began.

The host then played a clip of two Doctors claiming that the COVID-19 death rate has been exaggerated.

The MSNBC host continued, “Of course, most public health experts have dismissed these doctor’s findings. According to the University of Washington biologist Dr. Carl Bergstrom, who specialized in infectious disease modeling, the pair have used methods that are ludicrous to get results that are completely implausible.”

Hayes then ripped Carlson, saying:

Tucker Carlson, who has been broadcasting in safe isolation, is telling you it’s safe to go out. That’s his message to you bus drivers and people who work in meat processing facilities and you who are providing elder care in a senior home or assisted living facility or a cashier at a grocery store or working in an Amazon warehouse. The cable news pundit wants you to get back out there because it’s just not that deadly. But for all the faux-populist ire being mounted by the conservative politics legacy case from La Jolla, most Americans continue to believe shelter in place is the right policy.”

Watch a clip of the segment below, courtesy of MSNBC:

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