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WATCH: Chris Hayes Connects Roger Stone to the Proud Boys and the Insurrection

WATCH: Chris Hayes Connects Roger Stone to the Proud Boys and the Insurrection

Donald Trump long claimed that he only had “the best people” around him. But a lot of those best people were either fired of convicted of crimes. While he was President, Trump was at least able pardon some of his friends.

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And one of those friends was Roger Stone. Stone was set to go to jail for 3 years, but Trump stepped in at the last minute. The “dirty trickster” then promised to help Trump win the election any way he could.

On Friday night, Chris Hayes laid out one of the ways Stone aided Trump. The MSNBC host connected Stone to the insurrection and the Proud Boys.

Hayes began, “He (Stone) is also the guy who claims credit for helping to instigate the infamous Brook Brothers riot back in 2000. That of course, would be the last time that an intimidating mob of right-wing activists invaded a government building in order to stop the orderly administration of the democratic process.”

The host continued, “It’s not crazy to think that is why Roger Stone was sprung by the President, why he was freed before the election. I mean, we don’t know. Stone hasn’t said, Donald Trump hasn’t said. But, you know, it’s not crazy to suppose the President didn’t want him on the bench, he wanted him in the game — to do what he’s done his entire career.”

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Hayes closed:

“And so, is it surprising to see Roger Stone — again, long-time associate of the President, the President’s henchman, the guy who lied on behalf of the President, who was then pardoned by the President — to see him around D.C. around the insurrection, getting security from the people prosecutors say were part of the criminal conspiracy to stop Congress from doing its democratic duty?”

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