WATCH: Chris Hayes Calls Out Fox Hosts For Being too Cowardly to Call Out Their Own Company’s Vaccine Mandates

With multiple rapidly developed vaccines, the United States had a real shot at ending the COVID pandemic. Instead, many in the country chose to not get their shots. As a result, the Delta variant developed and is still ravaging primarily red states.

Photo by Jim Spellman/WireImage

The hosts of Fox News have helped this happen, with many of them pushing vaccine hesitancy. During his Tuesday night show, Chris Hayes called out the hypocrisy of them doing so despite he company having its own vaccine mandate

The MSNBC host began the segment discussing a Daily Beast article where a Fox employee said anti-vax segments are great for ratings. “I’m sure it’s probably true,” he said. “They kind of know what they’re doing over there. The issue rates, so that’s why leaning into it, despite the fact that it might get their own viewers sick or killed.”

Hayes then brought up Fox’s own policy:

“Daily testing,” he remarked. “That is five times as onerous as the policy Joe Biden proposed that unvaccinated workers be tested weekly. Notice, by the way, they don’t call out their own employer. They could if they had any courage. If you think it’s tyranny, you could do that on air. But you won’t. And I am willing to bet you that nearly all those people who go on air every night and rail against it — they are vaccinated, their loved ones are vaccinated. They are selling this poison because it is profitable for them. And they truly do not care… do not seem to care if people who watch them get killed as a result.”

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