WATCH: Chris Christie Blasts Jared Kushner and Ivanka Trump as Grifters

For the last few years, Republicans have been looking to investigate Hunter Biden. They say the President's son took advantage of his father's position to benefit financially. 

The irony of this attack is that the members of Donald Trump's family obviously benefited from the patriarch being in the White House. Ivanka Trump was granted patents in China while her Dad was in office. And Jared Kushner has done billions of dollars in business with the Saudis. 

Chris Christie has positioned himself as the lone Republican candidate willing to call out the former President. And during a Tuesday event in New Hampshire, the former New Jersey Governor showed a willingness to go after the Trump family as well. 

"Let me tell you something, everybody," Christie began:

"The grift from this is breathtaking. It’s breathtaking. Jared Kushner and Ivanka Kushner walk out of the White House and months later get $2 billion from the Saudis? Two billion dollars from the Saudis. You think it’s ’cause some kind of investing genius? Or do you think it’s because he was sitting next to the president of the United States for four years doing favors for the Saudis?"

The former NJ Governor continued, "That’s your money. That’s your money he stole – and gave it to his family. You know what that makes us? A banana republic. That’s what it makes us.”

It is a smart attack by Christie, but it is unlikely to go anywhere. The GOP base has shown that they are willing to put up with almost any kind of behavior from Trump and his family.