WATCH: Chris Christie Angrily Reacts to Question About Trump Golfing While COVID-19 Spread

When they competed for the Republican nomination in 2016, Chris Christie and Donald Trump were often at each other’s throats. The two were friends before facing off. Christie said of Trump, “he’s a great guy, but isn’t suited to be President.”

Gage Skidmore via Flickr

The former New Jersey governor changed his tune once Trump won the nomination and was apparently considered for a cabinet seat. An appointment never came, but Christie has still willing acted as a surrogate to the President on cable news. He did so again Tuesday, angrily reacting to a question from The View’s Sunny Hostin about Trump golfing while the coronavirus spread in February.

The host asked the former New Jersey governor why the President was golfing instead of dealing with the crisis.

Christie responded by saying she was apart of the problem for even asking the question. “The golfing thing is just a gratuitous shot that we don’t need to take,” he said. “Believe me, members of Congress were golfing and doing — the president and members of Congress and others in state governments, I’m sure, were playing golf as well at certain times.”

Hostin countered by arguing that he’s the President and the buck stopped. Christie angrily replied:

“Believe me, I’m aware, Sunny, that he’s the president. I actually read the newspaper every day and I’m aware that he’s the president. Here’s the thing that’s much more subtle about this. This is not — this is a competing interest decision when you’re a leader because remember, we now will talk about what’s happened to the economy once we made the decision to close everything down.”

Watch a clip of the exchange below:


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