WATCH: Chris Christie and the View hosts discuss 'Snowflake' Donald Trump

On Wednesday, The View gave Chris Christie an extended spot where he discussed Donald Trump at length. 

The former New Jersey governor has positioned himself as the one Republican who is willing to take the fight to Trump. Considering that the former President refuses to participate in debates, his strategy is not making much of a dent. 

But Christie can still tweak Trump by appearing on television, knowing that it will eventually get back to his old friend. During a conversation about Trump being removed from ballots,  Whoopi Goldberg opined, "he's really a snowflake, isn't he?"

Christie mocked, "He's really a gentle soul. And I think politically it's bad because it continues to make him look that way to a large part of the electorate. So, my preference would be to have us vote him out. I mean, then there's no question about what happened."

Christie also doesn't seem that daunted by Trump's dominant performance in most Republican primary polls. He told the View hosts, "I think a lot of people are saying they’re gonna support him because they think he’s inevitable. The minute he bleeds a little bit, I think he bleeds out. Because I think the support is very, very thin."

Watch a clip of the segment below: