WATCH: Charlie Sykes Says Republicans Who Ignored Trump But Are Ripping Cuomo “Have No Shame”

This week, New York Investigators released their findings on Andrew Cuomo. And they found that the New York Governor had sexually harassed multiple women. Scores of Democrats have come out against Cuomo, saying that he needs to resign.

Photo by Kris Connor/Getty Images for NAMM

Of course, many Republican lawmakers have also come out against the New York lawmaker. The same GOP lawmakers who remain silent during any controversy involving one of their own. During a Thursday segment on MSNBC, Charlie Sykes bashed those Republicans for being hypocritical.

The GOP commentator made the comments during an appearance on Joy Reid’s show. He began, “First of all, he’s actually thinking that he can use the Trump rules, right? Which is, never apologize, never resign, try to discredit the investigation and the attackers. And what he’s discovering is, I think, that the Trump rules don’t apply to him. The extraordinary story to me is the way that the Democrats are willing to hold their own accountable. I mean, this is a real contrast.”

Sykes also added, “[Cuomo] doesn’t have a party that is going to line up behind him like Donald Trump had.” He also noted, “Republicans who are piling on Andrew Cuomo, having supported Donald Trump, obviously have no shame whatsoever.”

Watch a clip of the video below, courtesy of MSNBC:

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