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WATCH: Charlie Kirk Whines That Disney is Being ‘Held Hostage by Gay Employees’

WATCH: Charlie Kirk Whines That Disney is Being ‘Held Hostage by Gay Employees’

While they seemingly didn’t want to get involved at first, the overwhelmingly negative reaction to Florida’s Don’t Say Gay Bill forced Disney to get involved. Disney, of course, runs a massive theme park in the state and holds plenty of political sway.

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On Monday, Disney released a statement condemning the bill, vowing to help fight for its repeal. The company’s activism has severely angered Conservative talking heads. On Tuesday, Charlie Kirk whined that Disney is giving in to their gay employees.

The right-wing podcast host began:

“Here’s the thing — is Disney and Bob Chapek, they’re held hostage by their gay employees. It’s just that simple. They are. They’re in the creative world — and I’m not accusing them of this, it’s just the way it is — they’re in the arts and entertainment, and there’s a disproportionate amount of gay people that work in that community. And so they’re making a huge mess of it. And so Disney is pandering to their employees because they don’t want more employee walkouts.”

Kirk continued by making wild claims about what kindergartners and first graders are taught in schools. “Disney has a lot of gay people that work for them,” he claimed. “Now, for whatever reason, these gay people feel really motivated, the employees of Disney, that six-year-olds need to learn about their incredibly graphic sexual activity. Why that’s a concern, I don’t know. It’s creepy and it’s weird.”

Watch a clip of the segment below, courtesy of Media Matters:

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