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WATCH: Charlie Kirk Wants The U.S. To Shut Down Border — With Canada

WATCH: Charlie Kirk Wants The U.S. To Shut Down Border — With Canada

It’s not unusual for right-wing media to disseminate rhetoric about shutting down the border. It’s one of their perpetual fallback topics. However, they’re usually talking about the southern border.

[Photo by Phillip Faraone/Getty Images for Politicon]

Still, here’s conservative news commentator Charlie Kirk, explaining that the border with Canada should be shut down, and sanctions imposed on the country, because of vaccine mandates. Further, he casts this as “having [Canadians’] backs”

You can watch his rant below.

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“Canadians are some of the most loyal lovely people and they’ve always had America’s back Now we should have theirs. Our government should impose sanctions on the Canadian government — I’m not kidding — and say we will not do business with Canada. We will shut down the border until you lift these vaccine mandates”

He goes on to suggest that this will “choke out Justin Trudeau” by not “let[ting] him bring maple syrup into America,” and to even bring Osama Bin Laden into it, before finally suggesting that to sanction the Canadian government over vaccine mandates would be the same as sanctioning South Africa over apartheid.

Canada announced vaccine mandates last year, including for international travel and for employees in the transportation sector. Now, according to CNN, the province of Quebec is moving to impose financial penalties on those who chose not to get vaccinated — a small portion of the population, as health officials say that nearly 90% of the province is vaccinated, but still an impactful segment, as the majority of COVID-19 patients who are hospitalized are still the unvaccinated.

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