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WATCH: Charlie Kirk Tells Viewers Being Unvaccinated Is “Natural State”

WATCH: Charlie Kirk Tells Viewers Being Unvaccinated Is “Natural State”

Charlie Kirk has been railing against what he calls a “vaccine mandate” by the Biden Administration, despite the “mandate” not actually requiring anyone to be vaccinated. He’s telling anyone who will listen that they should refuse to comply, and claiming the order is unconstitutional (despite precedent). Now, he says that being unvaccinated is just the “natural state.”

LOS ANGELES, CA – [Photo by Phillip Faraone/Getty Images for Politicon]

Even Kirk himself has admitted that the “mandate” leaves other options. Those who don’t want to be vaccinated can instead be tested regularly, to reduce the risk of bringing a deadly disease into a busy workplace — since the rule only affects companies with more than 100 employees.

Still, he claims it’s unconstitutional, although the Supreme Court has upheld actual vaccine mandates repeatedly. An NPR report last month, in fact, cited a case from 1905 in which SCOTUS affirmed a citywide vaccine mandate, saying that people don’t have the right t put others at risk, and another in 1922 affirming the right of schools to require vaccinations for students.

He’s declared that his media company, Turning Point USA, will sue and win, rather than mandate vaccination for their employees.

Now Jason Campbell of Media Matters for America has caught a clip of Kirk’s show in which he defends anti-vax philosophies by pointing out that everyone is born unvaccinated.

Fortunately, Kirk doesn’t take this argument any further — after all, he was also, presumably, born unclothed and screaming. Still, it defies all logic, since after being born, most people go on to be vaccinated against a host of diseases, and sent to schools where they’re educated in basic science and social studies concepts.

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