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WATCH: Charlie Kirk Says At Least If There’s A Recession Employers Will Regain “Leverage”

WATCH: Charlie Kirk Says At Least If There’s A Recession Employers Will Regain “Leverage”

Charlie Kirk is concerned that the United States is heading towards a recession,a crash where businesses and consumers will all struggle. However, he’s managed to find a silver lining in the whole thing.

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Over the course of the past year, the nation has begun to recover from the economic damage done by the pandemic. However, businesses are noticing that there’s a change in hiring, compared to pre-pandemic times. Now those seeking work can shop around for the best pay, and employers are finding themselves so desperate for workers that they’re putting up signs promising higher starting pay and big bonuses. Meanwhile, employees suffering in unpleasant work environments are finding themselves more able to walk out and find a different job.

Charlie Kirk isn’t the only one predicting a recession — according to CNN, Deutsche Bank has been warning that efforts to decrease inflation could result in exactly that, and that there has been a pattern of Federal addressing of inflation resulting in varying degrees of recession.

However, Kirk may be the only person openly cheering the effect that a recession would have on the power of big business.

I pray for all of you that will be losing your jobs. What you’re going to see is that these companies that have just hired dramatically are they’re going to have to scale down. Those of you that are employers that have to deal with a smug snarky attitude of people that are showing up late, and you’re like “I can’t do anything about it because I can’t find anyone to work…”

The only benefit of a recession is that employers are now gonna kinda get some of their leverage back because everybody’s gonna be wanting a job soon. Everyone. So you go from kinda, “where are all the workers” because they have all the leverage, to, the workers will be pounding down your door looking for a job.

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