WATCH: Charlie Kirk Declares Elise Stefanik to Be Out of VP Running

When you think of Republicans who changed their views to appeal to Donald Trump, few have been more blatant than NY Rep. Elise Stefanik. She was once considered to have a big future in the GOP because of her moderate appeal and age. 

Once Donald Trump took office, Stefanik rapidly ran away from her position as a moderate and toadied to the former President at every opportunity. Thanks to Trump's massive issue with female voters, Stefanik has often been suggested as a potential running mate for Trump. 

Stefanik's hopes for being named Trump's running mate have ended, at least according to one prominent Conservative influencer. Charlie Kirk announced her chances to be dead in the water on Friday. 

The Turning Point USA founder was irate that Stefanik voted against an Andy Biggs amendment, "that would have required the FBI to get a search warrant in order to surveil foreign intelligence data for references to U.S. citizens."

Kirk raged to viewers of The Charlie Kirk Show, "Elise Stefanik you have ended your running to be Donald Trump’s vice president. Elise Stefanik, you’re done! We will now actively oppose you to be Trump’s VP. Nice person. You just ended your VP political career. All that ambition for nothing."

Watch a clip of the segment below: