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WATCH: Charlie Kirk Claims Juneteenth Is Actually An Attack On The Founding Fathers

WATCH: Charlie Kirk Claims Juneteenth Is Actually An Attack On The Founding Fathers

Juneteenth is a day of celebration and remembrance, of the point when the last enslaved people in Texas were reached with the news of emancipation. It’s a marker of the end of race-based slavery as an institution in the United States. It’s also a holiday a lot of conservatives can get extremely angry about.

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Charlie Kirk is among those, as he revealed on his show that he believes acknowledging this day is an attack on the Founding Fathers, since it acknowledges that their proclamations of freedom were not for all people in America, instead of lauding them for early lackluster actions on slavery.

Here’s Kirk lashing out and claiming that Juneteenth is a plot by the media to replace Independence Day.

He further explains his point of view in a tweet, declaring that Juneteenth is all about invalidating “1776.”

He says that the premise of Juneteenth is that 1776 — and the celebration of America’s independence from England — is “insufficient” — just because it’s a celebration of freedom with an asterisk, freedom for only some Americans.

While it’s true that some colonies had already made moves towards outlawing slavery before the Civil War ever took place, these ‘gradual emancipation laws,’ as National Geographic explains, were set up to go into effect very slowly — the last enslaved people in some of these states wouldn’t actually be freed until 1840s, over half a century after the laws were passed.

Does Juneteenth declare that Independence Day is invalid as a celebration of freedom? Well, each celebrant will have to decide for themselves whether freedom can really be celebrated as an event that took place almost a century before an entire demographic of Americans would be free — but ultimately, it’s not Juneteenth that would do the invalidating, but the entire institution of slavery.

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