WATCH: Central Park 5 Member Says Trump is Experiencing Karma with Conviction

It is not hard to prove that Donald Trump is a deeply racist person. One of the prime examples is the case of the Central Park Five. In 1989, five minority teenagers were tried and convicted of the rape and murder of a white woman running in the park. Trump took out ads in New York City newspapers asking for the minors to be put to death. 

It must be interesting for those men, who spent significant time in prison to see that Trumphas become a convicted felon. One of them, Raymond Santana, spoke to CNN's Victor Blackwell about the case. 

Blackwell began by noting, "Donald Trump paid for full-page ads in New York City newspapers. He called for the death penalty to be reinstated in New York. Trump wanted these boys killed! In 2002, a convicted rapists and murderer confessed to the Central Park rape, and the Central Park Five became ‘The Exonerated Five.’ But Trump has never acknowledged their innocence or apologized."

Watch a clip of the video here 

Santana responded:

"So it becomes a surreal moment. It also becomes a a moment where you just got to take it in, right? This is the stuff that we had to deal with of 1989: going through trial, hearing the conviction, hearing a guilty verdict. And then, now having to sit there and wait for sentencing. I understand that process all too well.

And, so, I think now, it’s like, you get to see a person of Donald Trump’s stature right? Who was a former president, and now you get to see that he’s not above the law, that he can be touched. That he can have this experience that’s very similar to mine. It becomes a moment that is a surreal moment. It’s a full circle moment for me."