WATCH: CBS Host Calls Out JD Vance For Lying About Trump's Job Record

There is a reason that Republicans like to appear on Fox News or Newsmax and avoid going on any network that isn't right-leaning. When they are on Fox, these Conservatives can make essentially any claim about Donald Trump without facing pushback from the host. 

JD Vance, one of Trump's truest loyalists, decided to go on CBS' Face the Nation on Sunday. But when the Ohio senator tried to mislead the audience about Donald Trump's jobs record while in office, he was corrected by host Margaret Brennan. 

The host asked about how Donald Trump's plan to put tariffs on foreign products would improve the economy. "So how is the Trump-Vance idea here going to help make things more affordable for people if you're putting taxes on goods they're purchasing from overseas?"

"Well, I don't necessarily buy the premise there, Margaret," Vance responded. "If you apply tariffs, really what it is is you're saying that we're going to penalize you for using slave labor in China and importing that stuff in the United States. What you end up doing is you end up making more stuff in America, in Pennsylvania, in Ohio, and in Michigan."

Brennan was quick to hit back, "That did not happen in the Trump administration, though."

Watch a clip of the segment below, courtesy of CBS: