WATCH: Carlson Says MSNBC Should Get Rid of Hosts Guilty of Moral Crimes

Chris Matthews, the host of Hardball, abruptly retired from his MSNBC gig on Monday night. Many in the Conservative world were delighted to see the longtime newsman end his stint on the network. They were joined by some on the Liberal side who were increasingly dismayed by harassment accusations levied against Matthews.

Mark Von Holden/WireImage

One Conservative pundit who was happy to pile on the host was Fox News’ Tucker Carlson. While discussing Matthews’ end, the Fox pundit wondered why others who were “guilty of moral crimes,” were still on the network.

Carlson had previously worked with Matthews. He told viewers, “I’ve known Chris Matthews very well since 1995 when I started appearing on his show regularly. He’s everything you think he is. Groveling, in the end, couldn’t save him.”

The host didn’t feel, however, that Matthews was forced into retirement due to recent controversy. He continued, “I would say his real sin, of course, was being old and unfashionable, that’s why they’re making him leave.”

Carlson then attacked the network for not ridding itself of other hosts. “Why is Joy Reid still on the air, who lied and got the FBI implicated in her lie,” he asked. “Or Noah Oppenheim, the buddy of Harvey Weinstein? Or Andy Lack? Or Joe Scarborough, who still works there? Really? Amazing! So it would be worth asking what exactly is the standard we’re applying here that forced Chris Matthews — I’m not a fan, but just being honest — that forced Chris Matthews off the air.”

Watch Carlson Talk About Matthews Below:

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