WATCH: Capitol Rioters Say Ted Cruz Would Want Them To Steal Documents

Some members of the mob that invaded the U.S. Capitol building have already invoked Donald Trump as a legal defense, saying they should be eligible for a pardon, since, they assert, they were doing what the president invited them to Washington, D.C. to do. Now video shows that during the invasion, some also cited Ted Cruz, saying that he would support their actions.

Rioters credit Ted Cruz with their attack
[Photo by Sergio Flores/Getty Images]

In a short clip below, cut from a longer piece in the New Yorker (all of which is really worth a watch) you can see someone flipping through documents left on a desk.

The individual appears to be photographing and taking some of the documents. Either reading from the pages or merely musing aloud, he says, “Hawley, Cruz,” naming two Republican senators, Josh Hawley of Missouri and Ted Cruz of Texas, who would continue objecting to electoral votes after the building was cleared.

“I think Cruz would want us to do this,” the man on video opines. In the full video (linked above) he can also be heard declaring, “There’s gotta be something in here we can f***ing use against these scumbags.”

They’re not the only ones to link Cruz directly to their actions — according to the Dallas News, he’s facing protests calling for his resignation, as well as petitions to have his law license revoked, and a call for him to be placed on the no-fly list.

Meanwhile, yelling can be heard in the background, and the camera pans up to show the self-appointed Q-Anon Shaman, Jacob Chansley, wearing his horned headdress and banging an American flag against the floor in a rhythm. Chansley is one of the first of the rioters to publicly declare that Donald Trump motivated the attack, to say that he felt he was carrying out these actions at the President’s invitation, and to request a pardon accordingly.

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