WATCH: Canadian Apologizes On Behalf Of His Country For Giving America Ted Cruz

Canada is known for being polite. Senator Ted Cruz is known, right now, for skipping the country on a fun vacation while the people who voted for him freeze after a blizzard hit his state.

Canada apologizes for Ted Cruz
[Photo by NICHOLAS KAMM/AFP via Getty Images]

Stewart Reynolds leans on both of these reputations in a short video, in which he apologizes on behalf of Canada for Ted Cruz, who was born in, and spent the first four formative years of his life in, Calgary.

He calls Cruz “possibly the worst thing to come out of Alberta, right?” and describes Alberta as a “beautiful province” with “amazing people — well…mostly amazing, I guess.” He even jokes about a time machine with a reference to tropes about going back to kill baby Hitler, before giving a final admonition: “No returns, eh.”

Cruz’s place of birth was a subject of some controversy before the 2016 election. As PolitiFact explained at the time, this raised questions about whether he was eligible to run for President of the United States. (The answer is yes — despite being born outside the country he was a U.S. citizen from birth because of his parentage.

More recently, Cruz has managed to become the center of a rather negative spotlight, having traveled to Cancun for a vacation while Beto O’Rourke, who ran against him in 2018 and lost narrowly, continued to work for the people of Texas, despite doing so as a private citizen rather than a Senator.

According to the New York Post, Cruz even left his dog, a poodle names Snowflake, home alone in the cold house that he and his family fled.

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