WATCH: Can You Help FBI Identify These Two Rioters Assaulting Capitol Police?

Federal law enforcement continues to seek information regarding individuals involved in the assault on the U.S. Capitol, even over three months later. They’ve isolated video footage of two suspects in particular, who stand accused of assaulting police, and are asking for the public’s help identifying them.

[Screenshot via FBI/Twitter]

Federal agencies continue to release still photos and video clips for identification. On Monday morning, they released a clip centered on one rioter, identified as #114. This closely followed Sunday’s release, of another video clip centered on a rioter identified as #113. Both are described as being wanted for “committing egregious assaults against law enforcement officers.”

In the clip, a man wearing a red shirt and black vest, a red hat, glasses, and a disposable mask, can be seen holding and waving what appears to be a baton, cane, or club, using it to strike at officers in riot gear.

The shorter clip from Sunday shows a bearded and mustached man, with no mask, moving amongst the mob. In the clip, the crowd seems to be surging or falling forwards, taking down a person in a riot helmet. Someone in the crowd appears to be using an American flag as a club, swinging it at the downed officer.

If you recognize either of these men, the FBI has an online tip line at their website, here. You can also follow the FBI Washington Field Office Twitter account, here, for updates as they continue to identify, and seek help in identifying, suspects in the January attack.

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