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WATCH: Campaign Spox Says Twitter Polls Are Proof That Trump is Doing Great

WATCH: Campaign Spox Says Twitter Polls Are Proof That Trump is Doing Great

Polling is a very difficult skill to master. While voters will often hear about a variety of polls, many of them need to be taking into proper context. The website 538 assigns grades to different pollsters depending on the quality of their surveys.

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Twitter polls are another thing entirely. They can be created by any user and answered by any user. There is no scientific method behind them. Still, Trump campaign lawyer Jenna Ellis says, they are proof that the President’s sinking reelection bid is going great.

Ellis made the comments during a recent appearance on One America News. Host Alex Scalvi asked if she was concerned about the President’s terrible poll numbers.

“Not at all,” she responded. “And the reason for that is not only are we seeing a repeat of 2016 and the polls that the Democrats want to manipulate. If you look at the mainstream media polls and how they’re under-representing Republicans as well as likely voters in those polls, we’re seeing, you know, yet again, a 2016.”

After saying that their internal numbers show a much closer race than the public ones, Ellis continued:

“And if you look at, also, I know that Twitter polls are, you know, a wide source of controversy, but if you look at even those polls that are open to anyone to join in, but they can only vote once — and those have over 100,000 responses — the president is doing incredibly well with any of those that are not just controlled by the mainstream media.”

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Watch a clip of the interview below, courtesy of OAN:

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