WATCH: Brianna Keilar Mocks Melania For Having to Be Woken Up For Trump’s False Victory Speech on Election Night

Melania Trump’s long-time aide Stephanie Grisham has written a tell-all book about her time in the White House. The Trump administration is reportedly worried about how much the former press secretary might reveal.

Melania Mask
[Image via Melania Trump/Twitter]
Some of the details will paint the former First Lady in a awful light, like yesterday’s story that Trump refused to send a message about the 1/6 insurrection.

Other stories will just be embarrassing, like Grisham revealing that Melania had to be woken up for Trump’s false victory speech on election night.

CNN’s Brianna Keilar and SE Cupp mocked the former First Lady over the sleeping story on Tuesday morning. The host began, “one of the details that we’ve learned of is that Melania Trump was asleep on election night, that she had to be woken up for then-President Trump’s concession speech, non-concession speech. That’s weird. Weird.”

Cupp jumped in, “I don’t know, I imagine I would have wanted to sleep through a lot of that administration and my marriage to Donald Trump, I’m sure she had a headache a lot of nights. I’m not going to put her on the couch. Was that because she was very secure and confident that he was going to win, or that she knew he wasn’t? I don’t know.”

A laughing Keilar closed, “Okay, but there’s disengaged, and then there’s asleep, I mean what? These are two different things.”

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