WATCH: Brian Williams Says Trump’s Pants Can ‘Accommodate a Family of Four’

Twitter has been having a lot of fun mocking Donald Trump’s appearance last Saturday night at a rally in North Carolina. Despite his boasts of infinite wealth, Trump apparently has never employed a tailor so that his fancy Brioni suits actually fit him the way they should, and his ill-fitting suit pants were so glaringly shiny, wrinkled, and seemingly zipperless that Stephen Colbert roasted him and Snopes had to verify they weren’t actually on backward.

While the likes of Joy Reid and The View’s Sunny Hostin were (unhappily) learning just why the word “FUPA” was trending along with #Trumppants and #DiaperDon, there were some who immediately jumped to the Former Guy’s defense, claiming he was being body shamed by the ‘woke left’.

Not so, argued MSNBC’s Brian Williams on his show, “The 11th Hour”. The acerbic Williams, never one to miss an opportunity to floridly describe anything, waxed rhapsodic about the Trump pants being of such scope, it could “accommodate a family of four”. The photos of Trump from that night have already become a standalone response for Twitter users trolling Republicans still tweeting their support for him.

Williams closed his show by defending those mocking Trump’s shiny sartorial sack. “One thing we did move on too quickly is the Trump appearance at the North Carolina wingding this past weekend,” Williams smirked. “It was, after all, three nights ago. In part because of social media, which makes TV news types seem thoughtful and reflective, social media went wild over Trump’s pants. Maybe with the help of photoshopping the first theory is they were on backward. It is not body shaming as much as it is a straight-up observation that those pants could accommodate a family of four. Here we are distracted again. It was the substance of Trump’s remarks and the demeanor in that night’s kickoff of the big lie grievance tour that led The New York Times to say that he appeared diminished.”

Watch Williams flatten Trump’s pants with a supercut of some of his worst onstage moments, below.

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