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[WATCH] Brian Stelter: GOP Propaganda Has ‘Taken the Place of Reality’

[WATCH] Brian Stelter: GOP Propaganda Has ‘Taken the Place of Reality’

A recent poll stated that 28% of Republicans believe the core conspiracies spread by the QAnon cult. Aside from continuing to help the Former Guy keep pushing his Big Lies, the GOP has voted against a bipartisan committee to investigate the January 6th Insurrection at the Capitol.

Concurrently, the GOP continues to turn a blind eye at the antics of Marjorie Taylor Greene and the federal sex trafficking investigation into Matt Gaetz, both of whom are on the road together promoting themselves. There are more members in Congress who push QAnon conspiracies now than there were a year ago, and that’s problematic.

The more the truth becomes uncomfortable for them, the more the Republicans seem to create their own world with its own sets of rules and guidelines, with no real sense to any of it.

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Plenty of people are seeing the Republican Party slip into an altered reality where Trump is still in office and lizard people are drinking the blood of babies while controlling the elections via Jewish Space Lasers. Or something. Paul Gosar is a special lost cause for the Qause.


Basically, they’ll deny any truth they don’t like while rewriting the history that makes them uncomfortable because it makes them look bad. CNN’s Brian Stelter has had enough of the GQP’s new brand of Qrazy and spent a portion of his Sunday show to speak to how right-wing propaganda has fully taken the place of reality for the Trumpublicans. Watch him shred whatever’s left of the Republican Party, below.

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