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WATCH: Brian Kemp Uses ‘AIDS Vaccine’ As Excuse To Oppose Mandates

WATCH: Brian Kemp Uses ‘AIDS Vaccine’ As Excuse To Oppose Mandates

A vaccine that could prevent a recipient from contracting HIV would have seemed like a pure miracle at the height of a crisis that terrorized the LGBTQ community. It would still be a medical miracle today, with thousands of cases still being diagnosed per year.

Unfortunately, it does not exist.

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So, why does Georgia Governor Brian Kemp seem to think that it exists, and that there were mandates to receive it but that those ‘didn’t work,’ and that a campaign to educate the public about the value of the vaccine, instead, did work? In the clip below, he seems to be remembering some alternate history in which an AIDs vaccine was created, and only accepted by the people after an overzealous government backed off the mandates.

And plus just like the AIDS vaccine, mandating it didn’t work. It only worked when they started educating people why it was a good idea. That’s what we need to continue to do.

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This followed Kemp’s suggestions that “people in the south” still don’t trust the vaccines because not all three have received full FDA approval yet, and blaming President Biden and his administration for “mixed messaging.”

Kemp’s alternative history seems to be pretty firm in his mind — according to Newsweek, he has talked about the purported AIDs vaccine mandates previously, bring it up in context both of COVID-19 vaccine mandates, and mask mandates and shutdowns.

A spokesperson said after one appearance that Kemp meant to reference the HPV vaccine. This doesn’t explain Kemp’s confusion, though, since that vaccine has also never been federally mandated, though three states, D.C., and Puerto Rico include it in mandatory vaccinations for school.

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