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WATCH: Bret Baier Tells Liz Cheney That Fox News Recognizes The Election Was Fair

WATCH: Bret Baier Tells Liz Cheney That Fox News Recognizes The Election Was Fair

Liz Cheney appeared on Bret Baier’s Fox News show to discuss her current situation in Congress. However, when she pressed Baier about the outcome of the 2020 election, his response was a little surprising for some viewers.

[Screenshot via Fox News/YouTube]

Baier tries to redirect Cheney, but she won’t be silenced, and continues to insist that Fox News has a particular responsibility to make sure their viewers know the election wasn’t stolen. Baier’s response, though, stands out. Perhaps he’s only speaking for himself, and not the network, but he declares, “We have,” and goes on to reiterate that “we” regularly communicate that fact to viewers.

“We’ve said that numerous times….no but if you’re mentioning Fox News you have to know, this show has said that numerous times.”

Questioned further on Twitter, Baier reiterated that he can produce several stories and panels in which his show says that the election was not stolen.

It’s true that Baier has spoken in defiance of the Big Lie. You can see a clip below, for example, in which Baier gently and slowly explains to Josh Hawley — two days before Congress met to confirm the electoral vote, before Hawley showed support to insurrectionists — that Congress actually does not have the power to overturn an election.

He also, as reported by Variety at the time, referred to Biden as ‘President-Elect Joe Biden’ on Friday after Election Day — while many media outlets reportedly had guidance in place to have hosts refrain from speaking the title yet.

Clearly, Baier can say, and demonstrate, that he has spoken against the Big Lie. However, that’s a wide sidestep of what Rep. Cheney actually asked for.

Representative Cheney said the network had a responsibility to make sure people know — and this isn’t just a semantic argument. The network actually making sure they’ve made clear to their viewers that the election wasn’t stolen is a far cry from a host expressing the same as an opinion a few times.

Cheney wasn’t asking whether the truth about the election had ever been spoken on Fox News, but whether, as a network, they communicate a cohesive message to their viewers that the Big Lie is a Big Lie.

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