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WATCH: Brandon Brown Unveils “Let’s Go Brandon” Car — Team Says NASCAR Approved It

WATCH: Brandon Brown Unveils “Let’s Go Brandon” Car — Team Says NASCAR Approved It

By now, you’ve likely heard a Trump fan declare, “Let’s go Brandon!” or seen it on a truck flag or in a comment section on a news story. If you’re confused, you’re not alone — there are still plenty of people who don’t understand how or why this came to be code for “F*** Joe Biden.” Perhaps even more confusing is why a major sporting organization would allow it to be represented by a participant, and why sponsors would be comfortable with it.

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It started in October in Alabama, when a reporter interviewing NASCAR driver Brandon Brown heard the crowd chanting “f*** Joe Biden” and misunderstood the phrase as “let’s go Brandon,” thinking they were cheering for the driver. According to TMZ, Brown was initially upset, and said being connected to the coded slur was turning away sponsors, but now he’s embraced it, and partnered with LGBcoin.io.

You can see the car’s reveal in the clip below.

This answers another of the major questions — who would sponsor a car that bore the initials “LGB,” knowing that it’s code for a vulgar attack on the President of the United States? Well, a company marketing a product specifically to people who applaud the sentiment certainly would.

As for allowing the car to join races? NASCAR reporter Bob Pockrass is reporting that Brown’s team says they’ve gotten approval from NASCAR for the design.

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This welcoming of the “let’s go Brandon” code phrase seems like something of a u-turn after NASCAR last year alienated some conservative fans by banning Confederate flags at all racetracks.

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