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WATCH: “Brains On The Wall” — Ben Shapiro Compares Joe Biden To Kurt Cobain

WATCH: “Brains On The Wall” — Ben Shapiro Compares Joe Biden To Kurt Cobain

Is there a competition between conservative media personalities to see who can come up with the creepiest, most off-color, most tasteless take on political matters? If so, Ben Shapiro has earned at least an honorable mention this time.

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It might be Tucker Carlson and his defense of Vladimir Putin, in the midst of an invasion and threats of nuclear attacks, that takes home the gold, but it won’t be for a lack of trying on Shapiro’s part.

Following the State of the Union, Shapiro weighed in on President Joe Biden’s speech, accusing him of lying and of gilding the facts, trying to put a positive spin on what the Daily Wire podcaster and commentator considers to be the failures of the administration. If that was the extent of it, Ben’s take would be essentially the same as that of most conservative commentators, and wouldn’t stand out particularly.

So, of course, he didn’t. Instead, for some unfathomable reason, Shapiro brought Kurt Cobain into it, though the Nirvana star has been dead for three decades.

“When you’re the President of the United States and you’ve had the worst 14 months of any President of the United States ever, ever — I mean, Abraham Lincoln had a full-scale insurrection on his hands in the beginning of his administration. That wasn’t caused by Abraham Lincoln. everything bad that has happened over the last 14 months is a completely self-inflicted wound. Joe Biden is the Kurt Cobain of politics. He put a shotgun in the mouth of the American body politic and then pulled the trigger. And the brains are on the wall.”

Sure, Shapiro might have been able to think up something more tasteless than an analogy that attacks not only the President, but a suicide victim at the same time, but this one definitely registers high on the ‘gross and inappropriate’ scale.

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