WATCH: Brad Parscale, Accused Of Domestic Abuse, Blames His Wife Before Cops Tackle Him

Reports on Sunday evening said that Brad Parscale, Donald Trump’s former campaign manager, had been checked into a facility for mental health care after threatening to harm himself. As details emerged, it was revealed that, when police arrived at his home, Parscale’s wife was questioned about bruises and said that he had physically assaulted her. In a video of the arrest, he can be seen beginning to explain this away, blaming his wife, before he is tackled to the ground.

Brad Parscale Domestic Abuse
[Photo by Tom Brenner/Getty Images]

Early reports, according to NPR, described Parscale being taken into protective custody after a call reporting a possible suicide attempt. Police responding to the call were told that he had weapons in the home, and was “ranting and raving” before his wife, from outside, heard what she believes was a gunshot.

However, the Daily Beast obtained a police report with information contradicting some of the initially released story. Though an early statement described the encounter as “short,” and peaceful, the police report describes a three-hour standoff, in which Parscale barricaded himself in the home. During this time, officers asked Candice Parscale about bruises on her arms and face. She said that her husband had caused them earlier in the week.

In bodycam video, Parscale emerges only after Officer Christopher Wilson, described as a personal friend, arrives. He approaches the officer, shirtless and holding a beer can.

“What’s going on?” the officer asks.

“She f***ing….” Brad begins. After putting down his drink and coming nearer, he explains further. “She started saying all this sh*t….”

That’s when officers call for him to get on the ground, and when he fails to comply, he’s tackled and cuffed.

He’s currently reported to be on a mental health hold under Florida’s Baker Act.

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