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WATCH: Bob Costas Slams Ted Cruz for Backing Anti-Vax NBA Players

WATCH: Bob Costas Slams Ted Cruz for Backing Anti-Vax NBA Players

Ted Cruz, time and time again, has proven that he has no backbone. The most famous example of this, of course, has to do with Donald Trump. After a bruising nomination process where Trump called Cruz’s wife ugly an accused his father of murdering JFK, the Texas senator made a stink at the 2016 RNC. That stand didn’t last long though and Cruz became a Trump sycophant.

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During an interview with Chris Cuomo on Wednesday night, Bob Costas was asked about the senators recent take on anti-vax NBA players. The legendary broadcaster claimed it was just another example of Cruz’s hypocrisy.

On Wednesday, Cruz tweeted out a message of support to NBA players refusing to get vaccinated. Cuomo remarked, “The senator’s comments come in the wake of Lebron James confirming he received the covid vaccine despite being initially skeptical. Important comments from a key player while NBA and other leagues grapple with vaccine hesitancy among athletes and what to do about it.”


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Costas then opined:

“When Senator Cruz says, ‘hats off, I stand with,’  that’s further proof that when the crowd that says ‘stick to sports’ makes that statement, all it ever meant is ‘stick to sports when you are saying something I don’t want to hear, or I don’t agree with.’ But if you are saying something I agree with, the microphone is yours. The platform is yours. You can be a regular on Fox News. If you are saying what we want to hear.”

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